Jason Ritter performs “T8king Over Midnight” by &dra.

I am not anime enough to even know the difference between seme and uke this is disappointing to seventh grade me man

Seme is dominant (top)

Uke is passive (bottom)\

lol gay


we should stop putting our mbti types in our abouts and use our seme/uke types as seen by

like does it matter if ur an esfj or istp when no one has any idea if you might be a chibi seme or a flaming uke


I just want to go home.


Apparently I’m in love with myself as a female mage.

So apparently I’m a Narcisscist.

I am so sorry to all the people I hurt while I was hurting.
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when i said kaito sounds like a violin when pitched high enough i was being serious

Code Lyoko Featuring Subdigitals | 10/11 | World With My Eyes: Jeremie & Aelita

The landscape’s full of wondrous charm
In this dangerous universe
Each time attracted by the calm
We are blinded by its beauty

We are flying away, running away
Flying away, running away
In this magnificent world

Let me show you this world through my eyes
Sometimes it just looks like paradise
Here we never reach the sky
Oh, how I’d love you to
See this world with my eyes

Ulrich: *gets knocked off balance* Here let me do a backflip real quick to regain my balance


And now a message to our boys: You matter. Just because you’re not a bulging beefcake doesn’t mean girls aren’t going to like you, Just because you’re not a thin as a rod doesn’t mean you’re unattractive. Just because your looks doesn’t meet someone’s preference doesn’t mean you’re undateable. If you want to change your appearance you have to accept it first. You’re not weak, you’re not disposable, and you do not deserve to die.

Kadic Bombshell gives me such bad second hand embarrassment help

gigapause shit


gonna do the thing where i follow every homestuck who reblogs this lets go nerds



I do, too! I finally, finally, learned how to swim, and now… it can’t end here!


Cuties being happy O(≧▽≦)O